Wedding Services

As a Christian community with an inclusive marriage policy, we are delighted to participate in your wedding service as an expression of your faith and God's love. In order to assist you in your wedding celebration, we invite you to contact the church (905-336-7413) with the date and time of your wedding.

A meeting with the minister will be necessary to discuss and plan the service with several resources to choose from to best express your faith and commitment to one another.

Our organist/pianist can help you plan the music for your service.

Photographers and videographers are asked to speak with the minister prior to the service to enable them to do their work without disrupting the wedding service itself.

We encourage the couples to attend a marriage preparation course. Burlington Counselling and Family Services (905-637-5256) regularly offer classes.

You are invited to decorate the sanctuary. If you are planning to light a Christ / unity candle, we ask you to purchase the candles you want.

If you wish a bulletin of the service to be printed, we ask you to select the bulletin cover which is available in most religious book stores.

The marriage license (valid for three months and available at City Hall) should be brought to the church at least two weeks prior to the wedding.

Smoking, confetti, and rice are not permitted in the church.        



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In Baptism, we celebrate God's great love for us in the gift of new life and birth. Baptism is a sacrament within our church, a sign of God's eternal love and blessing. In baptism, we also commit ourselves to begin (continue) our life journey as followers of Jesus Christ so that our children will know God's love and grace in their lives.

We celebrate baptism regularly at St. Stephen with children, youth, and adults. It is not necessary to be a member of St. Stephen to have a child baptized; but in baptism, the parent(s) promise to raise their child within a Christian home and community. Single parent families (unmarried or formerly married) are warmly invited to come for baptism. We believe that to grow spiritually, we need to be a part of a faith community that regularly nurtures us, and offers positive models for our children and our family faith. If you wish to consider baptizing your child, we invite you to contact the church / minister, and a time to meet and discuss baptism will be arranged. We will discuss the service - the promises made by God, family, and church, the symbolism of water, oil, the blessing of and receiving the child within the Christian community.


Funeral Services

When you need the support of your community most, we are here.  We offer a wide range of options to accommodate a service for your loved one, including utilization of the church hall for a reception after your service.  The women's group can also assist with organizing or serving light refreshments and a light meal. 



Call the office for if you are interested in any of these services. 905-336-7413

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