The Carpenter  Hospice 2014

The Carpenter Hospice continues to provide a valuable and needed service to our Burlington community. In return, an exceptionally large group of clubs, organizations and businesses are most generous with their continuing financial support.

This past year, a presentation was made to our St. Stephen Church Council, by the Board Chair, Vice-Chair, and Property Chair, Angelo Paletta, Francis Mackan, and Dave Bedini, respectively, regarding the expansion and renovation plans for the Hospice. They came complete with artist’s renderings and architectural layouts of the proposals for our review. While this project seems to be dragging on, the process is continuing as there are still many details that need to be addressed and finalized. Our Church Council found no issues of major concern and thus approved their plans in principle.

We will be keeping the Hospice Board informed regarding St. Stephen’s re-developing plans as they progress. Naturally, they have a vested interest as to what goes on with our congregation and church property.

In the coming term, Francis Mackan succeeds Angelo Paletta as Board Chair.  Francis is a partner of Deloitte in Burlington.

Respectfully submitted

Lloyd Pong, Representative

The Carpenter Hospice provides individuals who are dying, and their families, with high quality palliative care in a home-like setting.

Since opening in May 2002, the Carpenter Hospice has served more than 1000 residents who have ranged in age from 21 to 103 years. The hospice supports people from our community with all types of terminal illness such as cancer and ALS.

Our congregation also participates in all the special events at the Hospice including the Golf Tournament, the Hike for Hospice to name a few. 

Further information about the Hospice can be found as follows:

Phone:  (905) 631-9994

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