Once again our Group has had a most successful year with many accomplishments.

We meet on the 4th Thursday of each month our meetings start with devotion and prayer, followed by the Secretaries report and Treasurer’s report.   We then carry on with business at hand to discuss any upcoming events and ideas for fundraising.  We several guest speakers come in over the year.  Our meeting is followed by a light lunch with coffee and tea and a social time (a wonderful time to bond) 

We held two fundraisers this year, one for Outreach and the other for the Community. Mother’s Day tea fundraiser, we raised $2000.00 which was for Joseph Brant Hospital and A Breakfast for Dinner Evening with a silent auction where we raised $1,263.80 for the Burlington Flood Victims. 

We hold the following functions each year:

-two Rummage Sales one in the spring the other in the fall

-two Pot Luck Dinners

-Pancake Supper

-A Candy Cane Bazzar

These occasions were well attended and successful and The Women’s Group would like to thank all who helped in any way and special thanks to the gentlemen who run the kitchen each year at the Candy Cane Bazzar.  They look like they really enjoy it and I want them to know that we do enjoy seeing them as well.

Some of the charities we supported are as follows:

            -The Bridge House

            -Sleeping Children

            -Moms to Moms

            -Items for Wesley Dinner

            -SHIFRA House

We also paid to have the following done:

-Hall painted

-purchased new draperies for the Hall & Nursery.

-back parking lot regarded and stone filled

-purchased a new stove for the kitchen

-paid for new pads for the Defibulator

This year we also gave St. Stephen United Church 2 donations $2,000.00 in January & $5,000.00 in December.

On behalf of our Women’s Group a Heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who in some way helps us achieve our goals we have set out to do and go beyond them.


We also would welcome any ladies to come out to our meetings if they are able to attend.


Respectfully submitted, Nettie Ferrell

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