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Please watch for updates on the Uniting & Merging of St. Stephen and Tansley,  Together as we move forward to a new beginning



Update re Tansley/St. Stephen amalgamation

The following motion was passed by both the St. Stephen Council and the Tansley Board: 

A new combined St Stephen / Tansley "board" will be created, referred to as the Founding Board. The Founding Board will be created via respective congregational votes to be held on January 27, 2019. The Founding Board will be comprised of Co-Chairs for each of the committees that currently exist with the current job profiles from the Tansley Board (this covers all positions on the  St Stephen Council plus the additional Tansley roles as well). Each church has the potential to nominate 1 co-chair for each position (that will give the possibility of 2 co-chairs and equal representation from both churches).


Positions will be filled by:

-       Open nominations with job profiles (where available) posted in each separate church.

-       Nominations will be accepted from anyone that is electing to be a member of the newly amalgamated church

-       Concurrent votes will take place in each congregation on Jan 27th 

-       The successful nominee from each church for each position will then take on the "co-chair” role for that position effective January 28, 2019

 -       If one church chooses to not elect a member for a specific committee chair position, then the Founding Board will operate with a single Committee Chair for that committee

 -       This Founding Board will not have 'decision making ability' until July 1, 2019

 -       Between January 28 - June 30th, the founding board will investigate and make any recommendations needed for the new amalgamated church and submit those to each respective Board/Council for approval at each church's Board/Council meeting.


-       Only decisions that were approved by both respective Boards/Council will be enacted prior to July 1st


-       On July 1, 2019, the Founding Board, (including respective committee members at that time), will become the official Board/Council of the newly amalgamated church, and the existing Tansley Board will cease to exist. 

 Note - the pre-existing St Stephen Board may need to carry on for a period of time to deal with limited issues regarding the legacy property/sale.

 It has been acknowledged that the following, (but not limited to), broad issues will need to be investigated and recommendations made (in consultation with the United Church of Canada) to the respective Boards early by the Founding Board to facilitate amalgamation by July 1, 2019:

 -       New Church Organizational structure and potential impact on current churches' paid staff and clergy

 -       To determine the process and timing of when to begin the New Church Visioning, (which might include eventually a new name for the combined congregation)

 -       Management of the combined finances of the New Church on July 1st

-       How to create new worship in the New Church beyond July 1st

 -       Recommendations on process for how to facilitate the physical bringing of the congregations and working committees together post July 1st



If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new venture, please contact Linda Draddy, Chair of our St Stephen Nominations committee. Job profiles are posted in the narthex.  Here is a list of the committees:

 Ministry & Personnel



Faith Formations/Christian Development



Fund Raising




If you are interested in any of these positions please contact the office:  905-336-7413 or




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