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Together as we move forward to a new beginning.  All updated information will be posted below following the founding board member listing.


Chairs                                                  Heather McGavin                               Carol Boyle

Secretary                                             Sian Baker

Communications                                 Jack Seedhouse                               Susan Ward-England

Faith Formation                                                                                           Donna Lelievre

Finance                                                Dave Shilton                                   Sandra Baker

Fund Raising                                        Linda Draddy

M & P                                                  Paul Bartu                                        Sue Stephen


Outreach                                             Marilyn Martin                                   Janice Martin

Property                                                                                                          Bob England

Regional Reps

Stewardship                                        Kathy Seedhouse

Trustees                                              Paul Bartu                                           Mike Lawton


Worship                                               Lloyd Pong                                         Jennifer Brezina

Members at Large                              Sharyn Georgas                                   Gary Goodale, Carol                                                                                                                           D’Amelio, Dale Martin


Update re Tansley/St. Stephen amalgamation

St. Stephen - Tansley 

Founding Board Meeting,  Feb 4, 2019


The members of the Founding Board met on Feb 4, 2019.  The purpose of this board is to provide guidance to the existing boards in making key decisions prior to amalgamation. 

We began with a statement of Land Acknowledgement, prayer and a reflection.

This was an opportunity to get to know one another better.  With representatives from both churches who had never met time was taken to share names and information about each other. 

Jim Harding, a member at Tansley, has experienced several amalgamations throughout his career and took time to share some of his thoughts in order to assist us with this process.


  • Whatever the organization the challenges of joining together are the same.
  • Our passion for our church can actually become an impediment.
  • We stand a better chance of success because we are Christians and we have a duty to love one another. Jesus said we should “love one another as I have loved you.” If we follow Jesus through this process, then there will be less conflict and better decisions made.
  • We should not mourn but we should rejoice that we are building a new church.
  • There are things we must make peace with as we leave Tansley or St. Stephen, there will be a fear of change.
  • Inflexibility stops us from moving forward and saying this is how we did it here or used to do it, will hold us back.
  • There is a fear of letting go of the past. Understanding the past shines a bright light on the path to the future.
  • Listen carefully with heart and conscience to what others have to say. We all have something good, right and important to say but we must listen respectfully and empathetically to each other. Nothing is achieved without hard work.

There are co-chairs for each of the committees, one from St. Stephen and one from Tansley. Each of the committees will be working to blend the two communities of faith.  All aspects will to be looked at including, staffing, worship, board structure, faith formation, outreach, policy etc.  Recommendations will then be made to the existing boards.  

The work of the New Church has begun!

Next meeting will be held February 26th, 2019 at 7pm

Note:  On January 30th the property of St. Stephen was sold (closing date April 1, 2019) to the Burlington Hospice after a unanimous vote from the Congregation. The Congregation will leave St. Stephen in mid to late June. After that all items will be removed from the Church.

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